1. Aim
Smart Opinion produces online market research studies for its partners and clients by sending questionnaires to client contacts and panellists who have voluntarily registered on the Smart Opinion website.
This document stipulates the general terms and conditions of use by Smart Opinion Members, i.e. account holders on the website
2. Status
Smart Opinion Members can only be individuals and not corporate bodies. All companies are expressly forbidden to become members, as are associations.
The panel is open to those:
- over 15 years of age
- with an email address
- living in the available countries
- speaking english
- having accepted the terms and conditions.
3. Membership / Account Holder
An individual becomes a panellist when he/she has:
- correctly filled out the Smart Opinion registration form,
- accepted the Smart Opinion terms and conditions,
- replied to the registration confirmation email sent by Smart Opinion.
Smart Opinion's administrator reserves the right to accept or refuse any registration request, without justification.
4. Username and password
The Smart Opinion Member is identified by a username and password, which have been confirmed by Smart Opinion. The password allowing the Member to log in and to connect to various services is private and confidential. The Member is solely responsible for the use of his/her password. Any swapping of usernames and password between Members is strictly forbidden.
5. Panellist Obligations
As a general rule, the panellist undertakes to actively participate in the surveys that he or she receives on a regular basis. The panellist is under no obligation whatsoever to take part.
- The Member will respond truthfully and spontaneously to the questions asked of him/her, reflecting their personality, tastes and interests.
- He/she undertakes to keep secret the nature of the products and concepts mentioned in the surveys.
- The panellist undertakes to update his/her personal details.
- The Member may not hand over some or any of these rights and obligations to a third party. Each Member may only register once. His/her contract is personal and nominative and each Member has a single username.
- The panellist will be contacted via email. However, those who have specifically accepted to do so (on the registration form) may be contacted by telephone or mail to participate in telephone surveys, focus groups, product tests...
6. Failure to respect the code of conduct
Where a Member has failed to respect his/her obligations and the code of ethics, Smart Opinion reserves the right to withdraw access to his/her account immediately and without the need to give notice. Their cash compensation account will be cancelled without delay.
Smart Opinion has introduced IT tools which are able to:
- detect inconsistent answers
- check the amount of time taken by the panellist to answer the questionnaire
- detect panellists who have created several accounts
- detect answers which breach moral standards
7. Length of contract
This contract becomes effective from the moment the Member accepts the terms and conditions, provided that Smart Opinion confirms the account has been opened. This contract is applicable for an indeterminate period. Each party may terminate the contract without notice and without justification.
8. Panellist cash compensation
Once the Internet user has registered to become a panellist he/she will receive cash compensation after replying to the questionnaires sent to their email addresses. The cash compensation is dealt with via the Internet payment website PayPal
9. Service Availability
Smart Opinion aims to ensure access to the website 7 days a week and 24 hours a day but is under no obligation to do so. Smart Opinion may suspend access to the service for maintenance and updating, or for any other technical reason. Smart Opinion is not responsible for these temporary interruptions nor any consequences they may have for the Member or any third party. Smart Opinion does not provide any personalised help or hot-line. The Member should consult the section "REQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS". Smart Opinion may terminate or modify the nature of its services at any moment, and without notice. Given that the services provided on are free of charge, Smart Opinion may not be held responsible for any damages suffered by any Member or third party.
10. Internet Network Availability and Security
The Member declares and guarantees that he/she is fully aware of the nature and constraints of the Internet, particularly the fact that technology used to transmit data over the Internet is never 100% reliable or secure. Therefore, while we use all appropriate methods to protect your personal information we cannot guarantee its absolute security.
11. Promotion & Advertising
For presentations, promotions and marketing purposes, Smart Opinion may quote certain information, which a Member has specifically approved as being available for use. On accepting these terms and conditions the Member gives Smart Opinion the permission to do this.
12. Miscellaneous
Given the technical progress of this service, the interested parties agree that Smart Opinion retains the right to modify its services and/or its terms and conditions. Smart Opinion undertakes to inform all Members of these modifications by detailing them on the website where Members are at liberty to consult them.
In case of dispute and where an amicable agreement cannot be reached, all litigation will be submitted to the competent courts.