The Smart Opinion brings together individuals who are willing to participate from time to time in paid surveys covering a variety of subject matters: new products or services, websites, TV programmes, magazines, adverts... Each Smart Opinion member is free to decide whether or not they take part in the surveys that are sent to them and is in no way obliged to participate at regular intervals.
Why should I become a Smart Opinion member?

You are unique - and so is your opinion! Becoming part of our panel is an opportunity for you to give us your opinion on any topic that may interest you, to have your say regarding current affairs issues or to have a hand in the creation of tomorrow's products.

We reward you every time! Your contribution is rewarded as you receive cash compensation for each completed survey. The amount will vary according to the length of the questionnaire. You manage your own account online.

We respect your privacy! We maintain total confidentiality at all times. All responses to our paid surveys will be dealt with in a statistical manner and your personal details will never be divulged to a third party. You are completely free to decide whether or not you take part in any given survey.