1. Smart Opinion creates membership file of panellists
Smart Opinion creates a file which collates information concerning all Members. This data collection allows Smart Opinion to manage Member accounts and to use this information in order to produce statistics. Smart Opinion undertakes to implement appropriate technical and organisational measures in order to protect all data of a private and confidential nature.
2. Personal data protection and modification
As specialists of Internet-based market research, we are especially vigilant as to the need to respect privacy, as well as the protection of any numerical data with which we are supplied. As an ESOMAR member we comply with the rules and principles of the International Code CCI / ESOMAR for the Practice of Social and Market Research, as well as all of the national legislation currently in force. Each Member has the right to veto, access and rectify data concerning them. Therefore, the panellist can use their membership page in order to rectify, complete, clarify, update or delete information which is incorrect, incomplete, ambiguous or out of date or that which it is forbidden to collect, use, communicate or conserve. Each Member may exercise this right by following the procedure described in the section "FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS". When the account has been closed the Member's personal data will be archived (with the same level of confidentiality) for 2 years, for reference purposes.
3. Cookies
One or more "cookies" will be placed on the hard disk of the Member's computer to facilitate the management of Smart Opinion and for statistical purposes (pages consulted, date and time they were consulted etc.). The Member authorises "cookies" to be put in place and their use by Smart Opinion. The Member is given the opportunity to refuse the installation of "cookies" by modifying browser settings on Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator.