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Smart Opinion is a leading online community where your opinions count.
You can take part of paid online surveys and earn great rewards from leading brands.

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I have been able to buy all of my family Christmas gifts with my survey money only!
Kelly J. Smith
Due to family issues, I had to quit my job to care for my elderly parent. Smart Opinion has made it possible for me to always have extra funds in the event a bill is higher than expected.
Michael T. Taylor
I love being able to use Smart Opinion to earn a little extra cash for my family. I am a stay at home mom to four kids, and I like being able to bring in some money
Kimberly H. Macpherson
We value the opinions about products and services, that you share with us. Also the time you spend completing the surveys.That's why, when you join Smart Opinion we'll give you up to USD 5 for each paid survey you complete!
It only takes 1 minute
if you complete them, you earn
money, otherwise, nothing
We pay through Paypal
once you earn USD 12,5
Start earning money and rewards for your opinions
Every week we offer surveys and polls from leading brands. Take surveys from home, on the move from your PC or mobile device.
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Here are the answers to the most frequently asked by our panelists questions about our online surveys:
The operation
Rewards - compensation
Participation in market studies
The Smart Opinion: What is it?
An optimal way to give your opinion! The consumer Smart Opinion gathered individuals who have agreed to answer paid surveys on versatile topics: new products or services, websites, TV shows, magazines, advertising, etc.
How to join?
To join the Smart Opinion, simply click on "MY SMART OPINION" and then follow the instructions. We need to provide some basic information and personal details that allow us to invite you to our surveys and products testing. Once your application has been validated, you will receive a confirmation email with which you can set up and activate your account permanently.
Is the registration for free?
The registration and registration at Smart Opinion is completely free. For the members falls in no way linked to a financial contribution. On the contrary, you make money with every answered survey.
Is the Smart Opinion membership limited?
No, there is no time limit and no obligation on the Smart Opinion membership. You are free to cancel your membership at any time and without justification.
What member of the Smart Opinion will be?
As a member you have the opportunity to participate in numerous surveys and tests products. Participation in surveys is rewarded. You will receive a monetary remuneration for each answered survey. The amount varies depending on the duration and scope of the survey. Manage your online payment system itself.
How do I change my password?
To change your password select "MY SMART OPINION" in the menu, log in and then click on "My personal details". Edit your details and then click "CONFIRM".
How can I change my email address?
To change your email address you need to send us the following information via the contact form: your username, current email address and new email address. The modifications will take 48 hours and you will receive confirmation when the process has been completed.
I'm having problems accessing my panellist account.
To log in easily you need to remember that your username and password are case sensitive. Beware of invisible "spaces" which may be considered as characters before and after your username!
What will you do with the personal details I'm providing?
The Smart Opinion membership file is strictly confidential. The Smart Opinion ensures that your personal details will never be divulged to a third party. Following product and services tests will produce market research studies but these will never contain your personal or nominative information. They will present overall results extracted from the compilation of completed questionnaires returned by the testers. In accordance with current regulations, you have the right to access and modify your personal details at any time.
How do I edit my personal details?
To edit your personal details you need to select "MY SMART OPINION" in the menu, log in and then click on "My personal details". Don't forget to confirm any changes made.
How can I delete my account?
To delete your account you need to select "MY SMART OPINION" in the menu, log in and then click on 'Unsubscribe'. You will then need to confirm your wish to cancel your membership.
How am I rewarded?
The Smart Opinion can reward you in 2 ways: Via the electronic wallet "PayPal" or via gift certificates for "Amazon"
1. PayPal: A simple and secure solution that gives you access to promotional offers reserved for PayPal customers, or to transfer your earnings directly to your bank account. You need to create a free account via your panellist area. Then, there are 2 options available to you to "get to" your accumulated balance: make purchases on the Internet or request a transfer to your bank account. You should be aware that you are not required to enter your credit/debit card details for purchases via PayPal. Also, if in the end you want transfer your money to a bank account, you can make a transfer. Please not that PayPal charge 2% commission for each transaction.
2. Amazon: gift certificates can only be used at:
Amazon is a distribution website for books, DVDs, music, games, MP3 downloads, computer and electronic products, DIY tools, musical instruments, utensils and objects for the home and garden, toys, clothing and accessories, shoes , jewellery, sports and leisure products, etc. Once registered with the Smart Opinion, you can choose your preferred payment method. You can change the payment method later if you wish. By choosing this solution, you will not be charged any commission.
Can I be paid in any other way other than PayPal?
Yes, Smart Opinion can make payments in 2 ways: Via the electronic wallet "PayPal" or via "Amazon" gift certificates. By choosing "Amazon" gift certificates, you will not be charged any commission.
How much do I need to earn before I can request a transfer of my earnings?
The amount that you need to earn before you can request a transfer depends on the payment method.
1. If you have chosen the e-wallet PayPal: you need to earn USD 5 before you can transfer your earnings to your e-wallet.
2. If you have chosen payment by gift certificates, you need to earn USD 12,5 before requesting 1 gift certificate.
How do I get my rewards?
1. If you choose the PayPal payment method: you must first create a PayPal account with the same email address as your Smart Opinion account. Then, log into your Smart Opinion account. Click on "your profile" and then "Redeem reward points".
Once this is done, you will get your money, from USD 12,5 upwards, by clicking "Accept".

2. If you have chosen Amazon gift certificates payment method: you can order one or more Amazon gift certificates, from 10 upwards, by clicking on "Order".
How long after a request will I receive the rewards?
The time of receipt of the reward is different depending on the payment method chosen.
1. For a PayPal transfer, the timeframe for receiving your reward is 48 hours.
2. For an Amazon gift certificate order, you will receive them via mail within 3-4 weeks.
How much will I receive for taking part?
Your cash compensation amount will vary (usually between 0,25 and USD 5) according to the length of the questionnaire completed.
How can I check my account?
To check the amount in your account you need to select in the menu, "MY SMART OPINION" and then click on "Check my balance".
Why isn't the amount that Smart Opinion has paid into my PayPal account the exact amount stated by Smart Opinion?
There's a few pence difference between the amount due to be paid by Smart Opinion and the amount actually paid into your PayPal account because PayPal charges a 2% transfer tax to your account.
The money hasn't been transferred to my PayPal account
To start with, check that you use the same email address for both PayPal and your Smart Opinion account. If these addresses are different you have 2 options available to you:

1. Add the email address you use for the Smart Opinion to your PayPal account (don't forget to confirm the modification).

2. Send us a request to change your Smart Opinion email address to the one you use for your PayPal account.

If you use the same email address for both Smart Opinion and PayPal and the transfer still doesn't happen when you request it, then contact us and we will deal with this problem straight away.
I answered the questionnaire but I only received 0,25 USD
If your Smart Opinion account has only been credited with 0,25 USD it's because you didn't match the profile we were looking for. The questions you replied to enabled us to determine whether you were suited to the survey. We are sure you will soon be matched to a new survey.
How can I take part in the surveys?
Simply register with the Smart Opinion and check your emails regularly. If a survey fits your profile you will receive an invitation via email. By keeping your profile up to date you'll have more chances of being solicited for online surveys
How often will I be invited to take part in surveys?
It depends entirely on your profile but you won't receive more than 2 invitations per month.
How long do the online surveys take, on average?
On average a consumer test takes between 5 and 30 minutes. We do everything possible to make the surveys as short and as straightforward as possible.
Will the Smart Opinion try to sell me something?
No. The Smart Opinion will never try to sell you anything, nor will we send you unsolicited mail from our partners.
How long do I have to complete the survey?
Usually you need to reply within 3 to 10 days. The email inviting you to take part in the survey will give you more precise details. A reminder email will be sent to you several days after the initial invitation email.
Will the Smart Opinion or one of their partners have access to my answers?
There is never a direct link between your personal details (name, address) and your consumer test answers. We have the same agreements with our partners.